Just Health Care

What is Just Health Care?

Just Health Care is our campaign for Single Payer Health Care (Medicare for All):  lifetime coverage to every resident of the United States.

Just Health Care:

  • Guarantees comprehensive coverage for all Americans.
  • Provides complete choice of physicians, providers, and hospitals.
  • Eliminates the role of private insurance companies, taking the profit motive out of coverage decisions.
  • Establishes a single payer health care system that saves over $400 billion a year.
  • Redirects that savings to improve payments and coverages including vision, dental, and mental health.
  • Eliminates co-pays and deductibles.
  • Ensures fair financing.
  • Protects health care workers.

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By eliminating administrative waste and profit related to private insurance, we could save over $400 billion per year.  We could then improve and expand comprehensive health care coverage to all Americans and still save billions.

Because Just Health Care eliminates premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and most out-of-pocket costs, it is projected that 95 percent of taxpayers will save money under Just Health Care.

Working in conjunction with organizations like Physicians for a National Health Program and Healthcare-NOW, we hope to spread the word to people and organizations, building a movement in support of single payer national health care.

The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”)
The Affordable Care Act is a start but it is not Universal and can be expensive. Through this plan we are still paying insurance companies who receive the subsidies for low-income enrollees and co-pays and deductibles are high.

Medicaid Expansion
The Affordable Care Act gives states the option to expand Medicaid to cover all citizens that earn up to 133% of the poverty level. The Florida Legislature has refused to adopt this expansion.  Instead of providing coverage to 760,000 more Floridians, our state’s leaders have made a decision that will cost some Floridians their lives.  Until we can achieve coverage for all Americans under a single payer system, we are working with others around the state to reverse this unconscionable decision.