Act now to preserve Medicare & Social Security!

An important action alert from ACLC Co-Chair Marilyn Eisenberg:

Dear Labor Coalition Friends,

There is so much brewing on our national stage that needs our attention and, I know, many of us have been very active in letting our voices be heard. I hesitate to add to the clatter.

But right now there is a special emergency that does not have top billing in news shows, but which needs your attention immediately. Aside from repealing the Affordable Care Act and making a mess of that, Republicans have their eye on another prize, the phasing out of Medicare and Social Security. These are two programs that we have paid into for years, and with small adjustments are very sturdy financially. And so many of us do value them so.

Unfortunately, Trump has nominated two leaders who are committed to destroying both these programs. One is Mick Mulvaney for White House Budget Director. The other is Tom Price to lead the Health and Human Services administration.

At some point, we need to oppose the inevitable Congressional initiatives to take away the health care and security of our elderly. But Trump’s confirmations will be taking place very shortly.

Could you all please take just a few minutes and call 1-202-224-3121? This number will put you in touch with both Senator Rubio and Senator Nelson’s offices. Please tell them to deny the confirmation of both these men, MICK MULVANEY and TOM PRICE.

We will keep you informed about further initiatives. Mary Savage wrote an excellent article in the January Iguana, fleshing out many details. But for now, make these phone calls and send this information on to your friends who value Medicare.