Ken Cornell – Alachua County Commission District 4 Candidate Questionnaire

1) Do you support paying a living wage to all County workers including part-time,
temporary, seasonal, and contracted workers? (The ACLC defines a living wage as 125% of the Federal Poverty Level – currently $14.78 an hour).


a. How will you ensure contracted workers are paid the set wage?

In 2015 the County Commission implemented an ordinance to establish a local government minimum wage starting at $12/hour for both county employees and contractors who choose to do business with the County.

b. What is your plan to get us there?

The current plan is to increase the local government minimum wage $.50/hour per year. We are currently $13/hr and plan to raise this to $13.50 for FY18-19.

c. What ideas do you have to help improve wages and benefits for workers
throughout our community?

Working with the Labor Coalition to lobby our largest employers (UF, Santa Fe, etc) to follow the County’s lead or even exceed what the county has done.

2) Do you support providing paid administrative leave for part-time, temporary, seasonal, and contracted county workers in the event of emergency work closures (e.g., hours missed due to Hurricanes)?


3) Do you support a “Renters Bill of Rights’” which would:

  • inform renters of their rights under existing laws
  • offer an alternative to costly courts to settle disputes over security deposits and
  • protect renters from high utility bills by enacting policies that require landlords to make
  • basic investments in energy efficiency.


4) Do you support a local hiring preference that includes the use of certified apprenticeship programs for taxpayer funded projects?