Mayoral Candidate Lauren Poe responds to our candidate questionnaire


The Labor Coalition sent the following questions to all of the City Commission candidates in the upcoming March 15, 2016 election.  Below are the responses that we received from Mayoral candidate Lauren Poe.  Please be sure to get involved in this important City election!


  1. Do you support updating the current City of Gainesville Living Wage Ordinance so that it:
    1. Closes the current loopholes that allow contractors to pay their employees below a living wage?Yes. I will work to implement a policy that ensures that all city employees earn a living wage and all businesses with which the City of Gainesville contracts pay a living wage.
    1. Applies to all city workers – both part-time and full-time?Yes. A living wage is only such if it applies to all people who work for the city.
    1. Increases the current rate to 125% of the Federal Poverty Level (currently $14.57/hour)?
      Yes, but this should only be seen as a start. The living wage for a single parent with one child is over $22/hr., and children are our largest group in poverty. Our goal should be to pay all people a living wage, one in which they are able to support their families, not just themselves.
  1. Do you support the Alachua County Labor Coalition’s campaign asking the 10 largest employers in Alachua County to pay a living wage of 125% of the Federal Poverty Level by 2020?

Yes, and I will use the office of mayor to promote the community benefits of doing such.