October 21st Labor Film: “Koch Brothers Exposed!”


The next documentary film that the Labor Coalition is hosting is the newly updated (2014) documentary “Koch Brothers Exposed,” including new interviews with Bernie Sanders and with low-paid workers about trying to live on minimum wages.  The updated documentary shows how the Koch brothers have used their vast fortunes to oppose government programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, as well as obstruct efforts to raise the minimum wage, tackle climate change and expand voting rights

The film showing will be at the Alachua County Main Library, 401 E. University Ave., Rm. A, at 7:00 PM on Wed. October 21st.

The ACLC’s “Labor Films” is an ongoing series where we hope to have fun together and become more informed and inspired about issues. If you would like to suggest a film, especially a labor film that the rest of us may have missed or is newly released, please email Sheila. We welcome ideas for co-sponsors and locations to show the films. See you at the movies.